Design, construction and supply



We construct greenhouse with expert. By the structure engineering knowledge, we construct greenhouse in accordance with climate


Nahalrouyesh manufactures and sells greenhouse clamps and equipment. By removing the Intermediaries cost of equipments is reduced.

Automated greenhouse

By using modern and up-to-date tools, you can have the maximum production of the crops with the least costs

Free consulting

If you wish to construct a greenhouse but have variety of questions in mind, Nahalrouyesh will guide you

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Contact us for greenhouse construction, Structure and cultivation support, product growing and further collaborations

پشتیبانی و مشاوره رایگان


Greenhouse advantages

حداکثر تولید در حداقل فضا

Most production in least space

کاهش هزینه های آتی

agriculture cost reduction

کاهش مصرف آب

Water consumption reduction

Nahalrouyesh Greenhouse Construction Company

During these years, Nahalrouyesh greenhouse construction company always been involved with innovation and creation to take our dear country agriculture industry to higher levels. The projects and services by nahalrouyesh, represents the high quality and skills of our young operation group. Supervisors constantly observe the under construction greenhouse structures to determine it`s quality. This action brought us a rating of a 100% success in our projects and 100% satisfaction of our customers. Also Nahalrouyesh`s structures are constructed with the pioneer methods and in accordance with the best standards in the world.

Greenhouse specialists will guide greenhouse owners for free in order to improve the functionality of their greenhouse. Innovation and technical view of Nahalrouyesh greenhouse construction company about greenhouse, is based on the newest world trends and necessities. Shortage of salts of soil and water, made us to look for solutions and the solution, is using cultivation bed and agriculture systems like hydroponic and aeroponic; which nahalrouyesh group discovered the gap and use made some progress in this field