Nahalrouyesh features

کادر جوان و متخصص

Young and professional team

پویایی و نوآوری

Pioneer and innovation

تعهد و تخصص در کار

Obligation and expert


Nahalrouyesh goals

پیشرفت ایران در صنعت کشاورزی

Improvement in agriculture industry consistently utilizes the most up-to-dated engineering methods for constructing greenhouse. Our goal is making improvement though they are too little.

تبدیل کشاورزی سنتی به صنعتی

Converting traditional agriculture to industrial

Nowadays, past cultivation methods are no longer helpful and we have to look agriculture as an industry. Understanding this subject, Nahalroyesh uses the newest tools and method in it`s projects

افزایش سطح زیر کشت گلخانه ای

increase area under greenhouse cultivation

Base on the world`s situation, providing enough food is a great concern for humanity. We try to increase the area under greenhouse cultivation in order to avoid food provision issue

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